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Parents Warn Your Kids About These 3 Internet Challenges That Could Lead To Death

Over the years, Internet challenges on social media have evolved from harmless pranks to toxic, life threatening ones. It is very important for parents to keep a close eye on their kids and try their best to monitor the kind of content that their kids are being exposed to online. Today, I will be exposing several internet challenges which a lot of young people try online for clout, but could put one's life at risk. Note that this is a an educational article and it is best you educate your young ones to abstain from trying out everything they see online.

1. Benadryl Challenge

This is down-right one of the most dangerous challenges to ever surface on the internet which requires you to over-dose on the Benadryl drug until they begin to hallucinate. It is named after the poisoning that occurred when someone used Benadryl to induce an allergic reaction in others. It’s most likely that the person who created this challenge didn’t intend to poison or kill anyone. Their intention was to simply see what reaction they could cause from other unsuspecting people online. The Benadryl challenge is believed to have originated from an Egyptian mother taking her son to Benadryl when he was 6 years old. The mother gave her son some of the medication and he soon began to hallucinate. The results can be downright scary. Benadryl and other allergy medicines can be fatal for infants and small children if they get them into their lungs. There have been reported cases of people dying or falling unconscious as a result of the challenge. The challenge is most prominent of the short-form video platform, TikTok.

2. The 'Choking Challenge'

The 'Choking Challenge' involve you or someone else choking you until you or the person being choked passes out.The Choking Challenge involves one person squeezing air out of another but stopping just short of the danger point. It can easily be fatal and doctors warn it should be avoided. Videos circulating on social media show people doing the challenge at petrol stations, on car washes and on school playgrounds. The sad part is that victims of this challenge are mostly young children who cannot tell their left from their right. Below are the pictures of some of the victims as reported by TIME Magazine.

3. Salt and Ice challenge

Salt and Ice challenge involves one putting salt on his/her skin and then putting ice on it, to see how long they can tolerate the pain. The salt and ice challenge is an Internet challenge where teens and others post videos of themselves enduring excruciating pain while pouring or scooping salt or ice on their skin and then seeing how long they can endure the pain. One teenager was filmed a while back swallowing a bottle of salt, pouring salt on his arm, and then digging his skin with a knife to allow the salt to ooze out of his skin. He was reportedly then reported to be under the care of the hospital for his exposure to the salt.

So there you have it, three internet challenges that you need to warn your kids about. Are there any dangerous internet challenges you know of? Tell me in the comments section.

Content created and supplied by: DaveTheWriter (via Opera News )

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