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16 Things You Are Allowed To Do In Nigeria That Is Forbidden Abroad

Nigeria might appear to be the worst country to you, try traveling out and you will thank God you are a Nigerian. In some countries abroad, the things you are allowed to do in Nigeria is regarded as an offence, anyone guilty can be fined, arrested or in severe cases, the person will be sentenced to death. On this article, I will be listing to you 16 things you are forbidden to do abroad.

1. Climbing Of Trees In Oshawa, Canada: In Nigeria, climbing of trees is not forbidden but you cannot try it in Oshawa, a city in Canada. According to them, the law was made to prevent citizens that don't know how to climb from acting like Spiderman and end up injuring themselves.

2. Hanging Of Clothes Outside In Tobago And Trinidad: In Nigeria, people are allowed to hang their clothes outside, on fences, on zincs and so on but in Tobago and Trinidad it is forbidden.

3. Spiting In Public In Dubai: In Nigeria, you can spit in public, but it is highly prohibited and forbidden in Dubai.

4. Hairy Women in New Mexico: We all know that the laws of Nigeria does not forbid women for keeping hair in their body, but in New Mexico it is forbidden for any woman to appear unshaven in public.

5. Having Smelly Breath In Indiana: In Nigeria, it is nobody's business if your mouth is smelling or not, but in Indiana it is forbidden. According to them, you cannot attend a public event or even use a public transport system if your mouth is smelling or if you have eaten garlic or onions within four hours.

6. Christmas Trees In North Korea: In Nigeria, one can posses a Christmas tree but in North Korea it is forbidden. In North Korea, all forms of religious activities are prohibited and monitored by the government.

7. Cross Dressing In Dubai: In Nigeria, we have a lot of cross dressers, but in Dubai cross Dressing is prohibited.

8.Married Women Are Not Allowed To Have More Than One Glass In Bolivia: In Nigeria, married women are allowed to drink more than one glass of alcohol and some even get drunk in the process but in Bolivia, it is not allowed. Single ladies have the right to drink and get drunk but married women are prohibited.

9. Listening To Good Music in North Korea: In Nigeria, we have the right to listen to any song we like, but it is not allowed in North Korea.

10. Driving Of Black Cars In Turkmenistan: In Nigeria, you can drive any colour of car you like, but it is forbidden to drive black cars in Turkmenistan because it's considered as bad luck.

11. In North Korea, You Cannot Have Any Hairstyle That's Not On the Official List: In Nigeria, you can Barb any hairstyle you want but in North Korea, the women has 18 official hair cut and men has 15 official hair cut. Another thing is that you cannot dye your hair in North Korea.

12. Owing A Car In North Korea: In Nigeria, everyone is allowed to own a car of his or her choice but in North Korea, it is forbidden for a citizen to own a car. Only government officials are allowed to own cars.

13. Forgetting Your Wife Birthday In Samoa: In Nigeria, most men are very fond of forgetting their wives birthday but you cannot try it in Samoa.

14. Sanitary Pads In North Korea: In Nigeria, women are allowed to use sanitary Pads but it is forbidden in North Korea. Women can only use the old school reuseable pads.

15. Consumption Of Cows In India: In Nigeria, cow meat is what we use in cooking a lot but it is forbidden in India. According to them cow is their God and they cannot eat what the Hindus worship.

16. Designers Shoe In North Korea: In Nigeria, you can wear any shoe of your choice but it is forbidden in North Korea.

If this things were to be forbidden in Nigeria, will you be able to cope? Do leave your answer in the comment section.

Content created and supplied by: Happylee (via Opera News )

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