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This is what happened recently to a black man suspected of raping an 84 year old white woman

Black American, Eddie Lee Howard, who was wrongfully sentenced to death, has now been released after judicial battles which lasted for years.

He served a total of 26 years on death in jail in the state of Mississippi, United States of America, on the ground of raping and killing an 84 year old white woman known as Georgia Kemp.

He was wrongfully convicted for the crimes after a doctor, Dr. West, compared and disclosed to persecutors that bite marks on Mrs. Kemp's body matched with Howard's teeth.

The Supreme Court of Mississippi, later disclosed that bite marks were not enough to tie him down to the murder. Based on their records, a forensic dentist is not permitted to identify Howard as the biter as Dr. West during his trial earlier.

It was concluded that Mr. Howard's evidences to changing the scientific understanding about relying on identification through bite marks was correct. The case has been reversed and dismissed as Mr. Howard is released from the Mississippi's death row.

Black Americans are generally affected in the United States as more than half of the prison population is Black. The country also has one of the highest imprisoned individuals in the world according to records.

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