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I Trek 6 Hours To School Every Day, 3 Hours While Going & 3 Hours While Coming Back -School Girl

Many children pass through hard things just to go to school everyday. Many of them trek for hours to go to school just because there's no good road for vehicles to pass or maybe there's no money for them to enter vehicle to school. There's a state of children passing through flood just to get to school. In rural areas, school children pass a lot just to go to school, no doubt about that.

This has to do with a 16 years old girl named Thandeka Mnisi who has revealed that she treks 3 hours to school in the morning and then another 3 hours while coming back from school. They young 16 years old girl does this every day. This news is from South Africa, she is not the only student that trek this far to school every day. Many other students also do the trekking everyday while going to school.

The cause of this is nothing order than because of bad road. The road in the community is very bad that no vehicles comes inside the community to convey people. So many people including students have to trek for hours to come out to the bus stop before they can enter a vehicle that will take them to wherever they're going.

This is very bad, this could lead to student going to school very late everyday. Not only does she trek 3 hours to school, she still has to enter a vehicle to her school after the 3 hours trekking. There is no doubt that the young girl will be going to school late almost everyday. Imagine walking for 6 hours everyday, the kinda tiredness that will strike you, you will know. To be sincere these children are really suffering, the leader of the community should find a solution to the bad road so that vehicles can be coming inside the community to convey them, it is not easy to walk this far everyday.

The worst part of it is that the road is very lonely which might make it easy for the innocent girl to be raped, kidnapped or killed, this is very risky. A solution to the problem should be found immediately. Like, share, thanks for reading.

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