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OPINION: Why Killing Youths In Ebonyi Was A Bad Start For Ebubeagu Outfit And This May Affect It

The people of South East were very much in support of the launching of the Ebubeagu Security outfit by the Governors in that region.

The move to launch Ebubeagu Security outfit by the South East Governors came after the establishment of Amotekun Security outfit in the South West by the Governors in the zone. As at then when the South East Governors announced the launch of Ebubeagu, the attacks by unknown gunmen were not very prevalent. The major aim was to combat killer herdsmen and other security threats that may arise. Months later, the unknown gunmen became a major menace as they keep going on rampage. They keep carrying out heartless attacks and killing innocent people. One would now expect that the Ebubeagu operatives will go all out against the unknown gunmen. But alas! something else happened.

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Instead, the sad news making the headline is how Ebubeagu operatives killed some youths in Amasiri community in Ebonyi State. According to a report by The Punch, the youths had sealed the premises of a quarry company to demand that the company fulfils it promises to the host community. After some talks, they reached an agreement with the company and were about leaving when the Ebubeagu operatives invaded the premises. The Ebubeagu operatives shot at the youths and killed some of them while others sustained injuries. Controversies are trailing the invasion and killing of the youths by the Ebubeagu operatives.

Image credit: The Punch

Why the killing is a bad start for Ebubeagu outfit

First, how does it sound for security operatives to kill the people they were meant to protect? They do not have the right to take lives in the first place. For them to invade and open fire on the youths, it was totally against the major aim for which the outfit was set up. They should have acted better than this. This may lead to call for Ebubeagu to be scrapped.

Image credit: Daily Trust

Again, the Ebubeagu has been conspicuously unnoticed in the efforts to combat the unknown gunmen in the South East. The police and the soldiers have been the people engaging the unknown gunmen. Or how many unknown gunmen have the Ebubeagu operatives killed in the South East? Since they wield guns and can invade locations, they should have started dealing with and killing the unknown gunmen in their numbers to prove their competence. But, that has not been the case. Are they now strong when it comes to shooting at unarmed people who they are supposed to protect?

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Finally, Ebubeagu is not supposed to abuse power and go against the law at this nascent stage. It should not even do so at any stage. This may make the people to see more reasons why it should be scrapped. So, the invasion and killing of youths in Ebonyi community is a bad start for the security outfit. To restore confidence in the outfit and reassure the people that it will do better, the Ebonyi State government led by Governor Dave Umahi and the leadership of Ebubeagu need to fish out the operatives that killed the youths, disengage them and ensure that they face the full wrath of the law.

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