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Man narrates his horrible experience with the Amotekun Security

Are they now doing stop and search? Man narrates his horrible experience with the Amotekun Security

When the Western Nigerian Security was first created, it was all jubilation in the air as its main purpose was for security, but little did we know months later it would result to them misusing it as a man has shared his experience with the Amotekun Security Gang.

Sharing his horrible experience on Twitter, the man narrated it all started when he left his church and heading out to Airport junction, alakia (Ibadan) but then, he saw them carrying guns with people running towards him.

Okadas were turning back and when someone told him to keep moving, he followed the bend, so he could see straight ahead, and that was when he noticed the Amotekun Security everywhere. They were chasing someone who had hidden inside the bush one which they resulted to throwing stones.

While he was still trying to navigate the bad roads, the man came out from the bush wearing a white polo, shorts and the Amotekun Security starting saying, "Shoot him down, fire" and when they did, they misfired.

The man who ran out of the bush said he just went there to urinate but as they kept slapping him, the Ametokun boss saw the displeasure of the man inside the car. With his body language he was not really okay how they treated the man who went inside the bush but then, they stopped his car, searched his car with full Security man armed to the bone. His full story below.

After he shared this story, this was how people reacted online.

Do you think this was much from the Amotekun Security to do?

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