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"She Saw it Start Burning Before She Left" - Timi Dakolo Reveals Why There is More to Ebeano Burning

It's nothing new to any one that the 9 year old girl caught by the CCTV camera setting up Ebeano supermarket on fire was arrested by the Nigeria police force for interrogation, in which she claims she watched it from a television and tried to practice it.

However Popular Nigeria singer Timi Dakolo also known as chorus leader, using his official Twitter account reveals why there is more to Ebeano Supermarket Burning.

He wrote "there is actually more to that ebeano supermarket burning. The said child went straight the rack that has inflammables. She walked like knew where she was going to. Watched it start burning before she left".

Actually I agree with what Timi Dakolo said, because this child is not just a kid of course it was intentional, according to the video you would see how she went straight to the inflammables and ignited it. She said she was looking for her sister, why didn't she go further? She just on the lighter and left and was still looking back to know if it actually burning.

I think she knew what she was doing or should I say what she was asked to do, she left every other place and went to where They have gas, flirts and other inflammable item, light it up and left immediately.

This is not been mischievous it so clear she was sent by someone, that's why am on a opinion of proper interrogation to fish out those adults behind this wickedness, to avoid hiding under such to evade justice of the crime they deliberately committed.

Watch video here :

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