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"If Care Is Not Taken, Bandits Will Turn Nigeria Into Another Columbia Or Mexico" -BKO Predicts

On the Wednesday edition of the TVC's Journalists' Hangout(for verification) Babajide Kolade-Otitoju, blew hot on the issue of insecurity that has been ravaging Nigeria and some of his statements, should bring concern to any Nigerian.

Here is what Babajide Kolade-Otitoju said:

"Bandit are in the North Central, North-west and North-east. They are everywhere.. Go to Taraba(State), it is one of the most dangerous places to go to because of bandits and kidnappers.

Even in the heart of the town, they(bandits and kidnappers) go to people's houses and grab them out of their houses.

It is just terrible, the Bandits attacked the convoy of the Emir of Birnin gwarin, they thought he was on the convoy so they laid tree branches on the road. The driver drove on top of the tree branches and they(bandits) opened fire on him, but the bullet narrowly missed his head.

These bandits show no respect to anyone. They have become a law unto themselves and I have said it before, if care is not taken these bandits would turn Nigeria to another Columbia or Mexico, where lawlessness is the order of the day, with gang wars and gang lords.

You know at a time, it was so difficult for the Colombian Army to defeat the drug Lord(Escobar), that it took the might of the US Army to go to Columbia and carry out American Justice on Pablo Escobar.

I pray that things do not degenerate to that point, however, the Nigerian goverment has to come out with a very powerful response. In times like this, we need strong leadership and one of the ways you show strong leadership is by the government responds to essential threats and this would make the people rally behind you"

Dear Nigerians, what is your take on this critical issues of national concern?

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