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I Thought My Friend Had Gone Missing, I Never Knew He Was In Police Custody, See Why He Was Arrested

On Wednesday, he told us he was traveling to Agbor and before he left he was having low battery. So on Thursday we tried reaching him, wondering why he had not called to tell us that he had arrived safely.

Since we were unable to reach him, we were very worried throughout, while prayer that nothing bad should happen to him. We called some of his friends to check if any of them had seen or even heard from him, but nothing came up.

Then the next day, someone called to tell us that he saw someone that looks like my friend in the police station crying. At first we didn't want to believe it, but on a second thought we decided to walk down to the station to check.

To our greatest surprise, on getting there we told the police we wanted to see so so person, they demanded the reason why we had wanted to see him and we told him he's our friend. But the police officers said it was late and that we can't be allowed to see him. We asked them what is his offense and why was he arrested. The statement they wrote down said he was found in possession of an iPhone and some other allegations laid against him, so they feel he's a yahoo boy, of which he's not.

But why was he not allowed to contact his people, and we thought he had gone missing? I thought that the law says that you're entitled to one phone call when you are arrested?.

Assuming someone who knew him had not informed us, we would have still been thinking he has gone missing.

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