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Twitter user Narrated how passenger went away with driver's money.

Lagos, the sixth-largest city in the world by city population is known for its beach resorts, nightlife and activity. Nigeria has 36 states and one of them is Lagos State. Though it is the smallest state in the country, Lagos remains to be the most populous and a major financial centre, however a state with opportunities overpopulation as Lagos it's no news that Lagos has it own vices with deviant behaviours such as illicit sex, drug addiction, evil or immoral behavior, thuggery and such other criminal tendencies.

A twitter user with the name Lola Okunrin shared his experience on how one of the passenger whom he boarded bus with, went away with the driver's Money and a passenger change, According to him, the passenger was helping the bus driver that was without conductor to collect money and stepped down from the bus and pretended to go Check the traffic and went away with the driver's Money at ojota.

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