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Fiction: At First, She Was Housemaid Then Turned Governess And Later Simi Let Kola Drank Water From Sickbed.

The perspiration gathered below his eyes brow and sweat ran down his throat into his underwear which later absorbs sweat that ran down.

Kola sat on the sofa and his shirt was still wrinkled by my fist. Where I grabbed him, His eyes were red as I have not seen them ever since we married. I look scatter even though he did not raise his hands to touch me. Not even when I provoked him and shouted at him asked him to challenge me.

As he rises to his feet, he stretched the hand and placed them on my shoulders, and shook my body vigorously as if to remind me he was only keeping his cool. He silently explained to himself that he had to assist her because no one would ever be ready to help Simisola.

I shook his hands off my shoulders and said ' Kola, it is Simi this house help that we are talking about. In disbelief, I watched his lips murmured something in an innocuous voice that never will he ever cheat on me.

On the street, I listened as Mama Aishat told a story of how my husband ( kola) defended our house help when some boys invaded her privacy and questioned her on some kind of issues between them.

'Your husband was there to defend that girl like legends in Indian films' Mama Aisha further explained. I could not contain my hurting and burns as she explained it and added that was not the first time Kola had shown as a resident genius.

That night, I waited for Kola to be back. He came home acting as if nothing happened. My husband touched and jokingly teased me about my foods and their aroma like he occasionally does ever since we got married.

That night, he offered a helping hand at the kitchen and called me 'Madam give them' but I was ready to display my madness in front of Kola.

Near the cupboard, Simi lifted the plates to search for a button that misplaced its rightful position on a shirt I do wear when am free at home.

Simi herself noticed a change in my character because I was in readiness for both of them that night. Kola heard when shouted at Simi the and he ignited the situation more when he pretended worried about my change of mood.

He asked if any of my customers annoyed me at my kiosk where I sell provisions, I stiffened the tears that night.

It was on the third day that I was notified that my husband has been admitted into An hospital and that he also sustained injuries. At the hospital, Kola was drinking water from on a sickbed.

A uniformed policeman who approached me when I sat near Kola at the hospital bed said 'Madam, your husband is a hero who cares about others. He is a true man who should have been nominated for an Oscar.

I wondered how could a man whose leg was brutally injured be listed on oscar awards. The policeman said again ' He saved a Woman from the hand of suspected hoodlums. I wondered who the woman Kola had submitted his well-being for was and could not comprehend.

I glanced at the door someone was opening and as much as I have thought, Simi again appeared with food in the basket. My mind veered into the past and all I remember at that moment was that Simi was onçe at my shop to beg for a job as a housemaid then she becomes a governess. I was confused why it has to be here and why should Kola defend her.


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Kola Simi


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