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16-Years-old Housemaid steals N217k From Her Madam's Account. See The Technique She Used. Video

It indeed very sad to see how some people consider it proper to repay good with evil.

This comes after a Madam narrated how one of housemaid has been stealing from her without her notice. According to the Madam, she employed the two housemaids both of whom were sisters, and since they started working for her, she has been treating them like a daughter as she ensured they don't lack anything essential, as she said in the video below.

Albeit, instead of being grateful, one of them who happened to be just 16-years old, went ahead to take advantage of her by using her phone (Madam’s phone) without her notice to compromise her bank account and deleting from the phone the bank debit alert massage that comes after a transaction, so that the Madam would not find out.

The stealing continued for some time without the Madam noticing, Not until one fateful day when the housemaid ran out of luck and was caught. On how she ran out of luck, after the housemaid made a transfer from the Madam account to her own, somehow the bank debit alert didn’t came in on time as usual due to network, so the housemaid was not able to delete it. Thus, by the time the bank alert finally arrived, the phone was already in the Madam's possession, who was shocked to see that N117,000 have been debited from her account. 

Madam seeing this quickly headed straight to the bank to uncover who facilitated the transaction without her notice. However, on getting there and after investigation, she was even more surprised to find out that it was her housemaid ‘Rossy’ that received the money. 

And apart from that, the Madam also got to know that this was not the first time of her account being composed as her bank statement revealed that Rossy have at one point, bought an airtime of N20,000 and have all in all deducted N217,000 from her account. What do you think about this?

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