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See What Bandits Did To Kagara Students Whose Parents Are Military Personnel

It's no news that the Kagara Students that were abducted some days ago have been released by Bandits. It's been really tough for the Students who were held captive without any proactive measures taken by the government to rescue them.

At the late hours of yesterday, reports claim the Students were released after ransom was paid to the Bandits. That claim was refuted by the Niger State Government who stated that no fee was paid to Bandits for the release of the Students. How did it happen? That's one question no one can answer and the Government doesn't seem ready to tell Nigerians.

However, Nigerians are glad the students are safe at the moment. Just as expected, the students shared their experience with Bandits in the last few days. According to them, the bandits asked them about the occupation of their parents. For anyone who has a military parent, the punishment would be greater.

One of the students, Abubakar Sidi said: “We didn’t get food to eat till night the first day but they later fed us, and after feeding us they asked us about our parents’ occupation. ‘If your father is a policeman, come here.’ ‘If your father is a soldier, come here'."

“They beat us seriously but the beating was based on the occupation of our fathers. I wish I could die because the beating was too much. It was really tough in the forest.”

This is such a really sad situation for innocent Students. It's clear that the Bandits are out to terrorise the people of that region. I guess it's high time the government start treating them like criminals.

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