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Opinion: Estate Agent Shot In Church; What The Police Should Not Overlook In Their Investigation

It is unfortunate how insecurity has metamorphosed into an uncontrollable virus across different states in Nigeria. The recent killing of an Estate Agent, Sina Babarinde on the 17th of October 2021 during a church service in Kwara state has shown that there is absolutely nowhere that is safe in the country.

Photo: The Deceased; Credit: Premium Times.

According to the report on the Punch News, the deceased was in church around when a call came in, he decides to go outside and receive the call but he never knew he was walking into a death trap, who could have actually thought there were Gunmen waiting outside for him? As the deceased stepped outside the church, he was gunned down immediately.

The police public relations officer, Okasanmi Ajayi confirmed the incident and also assured that thorough investigation is ongoing on the incident. The commissioner of police, Mr. Tuesday Assayomo has been reported to have directed his men to look deep into the matter so that the pepetrators can be arrested.

While I am glad that the police has assured that a thorough investigation is ongoing, there is a chain of events that happened when the deceased was shot that should not be ignored by the police during their investigation.

What the Police should look into in their investigation in this incident.

The police must ensure that the caller who called the deceased just before he was shot is interrogated. The call could be a way of luring the victim out of the church after they might have monitored his activities in church closely. It is really disturbing to imagine why the deceased had to step out of the church to receive the call when he could have received the call inside the church.

You may be thinking that the deceased probably received the call outside because the activities of the church might have disturbed his call, but from my findings, the proper service of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) does not start until 9.00 a.m.

The question is, what made the deceased to step out of the church if nobody told him to step outside?

Also, the caller should be investigated because the timing was too perfect to be a coincidence. The Gunmen were waiting outside around 7.00am, this showed that they did not trace him from home because if they had done that, they would have probably shot him around his home.

I do not believe that a set of evil Gunmen would wait around for long when they know that church services sometimes get lengthy. They did not bank their luck on the deceased stepping out mistakenly, it looked like a planned work, and this is why the police must look Into the aspect of the caller in their investigation.

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