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Why The Action Of Late Timothy Adegoke's Family Members Have Stalled Investigation Into His Death

After the death of Timothy Adegoke, a postgraduate student of Obafemi Awolowo University, the investigation has continued as the police hope to uncover more details that led to his death. However, the investigation into the death of Adegoke has been stalled by the action of his immediate family members.

Photo: Timothy Adegoke (Photo Credit: FIJ NG)

Adegoke's family members were not present during the scheduled Friday autopsy and the Nigerian police force could not go on with the autopsy without having at least one member of late Timothy Adegoke being present. After the death of an individual, an autopsy is used to ascertain what led to the person's death. After some controversy surrounding Adegoke's death, an autopsy appears to be the next step in the investigation process. However, the family of Adegoke was absent on Friday when the Nigerian police force fixed an autopsy for late Adegoke. On Friday, all the three pathologists who were scheduled to conduct the autopsy were present. The Nigerian police force also had some police officers present as well but for some unknown reasons, the family members of late Adegoke were not present as expected.

Photo: Timothy Adegoke (Photo Credit: Punch Newspaper)

Since the investigation started, Olagbade Adegoke has been representing the family of late Timothy Adegoke in the investigation. It was expected that Olagbade should have been present on Friday for the autopsy. The Nigerian police force couldn't proceed with the autopsy because a representative of the family of late Timothy Adegoke was not present. If the autopsy had gone on without a representative from the aggrieved family being present, the result of the autopsy might be challenged by the family members of late Adegoke because none of them were present during the autopsy.

The Nigerian police disclosed that they sent an invitation to the family members of late Adegoke and reminded them that Friday was the day of the autopsy, however, for some unknown reasons, none of Adegoke's family members were present and as a result, the progress of the investigation has been delayed by the action of Adegoke's family members. The Nigerian police did a sensible thing by not proceeding with the autopsy because none of Timothy Adegoke's family members were present on Friday.

Photo Credit: Independent Newspaper Nigeria

Nothing tangible can be done in the investigation of Timothy Adegoke's death without the Nigerian police force getting an autopsy report about his death. The result of the autopsy will show what killed Adegoke. An autopsy should be done as quickly as possible so that the police can get the best result which will give a clearer picture of what caused Timothy Adegoke's death. If the autopsy keeps getting delayed by Timothy Adegoke's family members, the investigation into the death of Timothy Adegoke will continue to be delayed.

The family of late Timothy Adegoke has to be present on Monday for the autopsy because the Commissioner of Police has insisted that the autopsy must be done on Monday. The importance of Timothy Adegoke's family being present during the autopsy can't be overemphasized. The presence of Timothy Adegoke's family during the autopsy will give the autopsy report more acceptability because all the concerned parties are expected to be present during the autopsy. Hopefully, Timothy Adegoke's family members will stop delaying the investigation by sending at least one member of the family to be present during Monday's rescheduled autopsy for late Timothy Adegoke.

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