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Is Jungle Justice The Best Way To Deal With Any Arrested Kidnappers?

In recent times, the existence of Nigeria is being threatened by the problem of kidnapping. And it has been singled out from among the trio which include insurgency and banditry because the urchins who are involved in them do use it as their last resort to register their grievance and also to acquire money.

So, from the kidnapping of mostly foreign oil workers in the Niger-Delta Creeks to the abduction of students in the Northern schools, the country has been under siege. And innocent lives, both old and young have been lost, and are still being lost almost on a daily basis. Yet, if the kidnappers demand for ransoms to be paid to them before they can release their victims or kill them within given time frames, they sometimes do go on to send the innocent souls to their untimely death.

As masters in their chosen fields, the daredevil souls are notably armed while operating. And they can kidnap high profile personalities, including traditional rulers from their palaces. Also, their operational options can either be peaceful or violent, depending on the security around the targets.

And these days, as they increasingly become thorns in the flesh of everyone in the country, goverment has resorted to mostly two alternatives as follows: meet their monetary demand which may run into tens or hundreds of millions and pacify them with amnesty arrangements. But in some cases, after accepting either or both of these, some of them will still return to their vomit either immediately or after some time.

However, it is not that the people orchestrating the evil act are above the law. In fact, many of them have had to face jungle justices. And in the process, the members of the public whom they had tormented prior would not hesitate to slay them, perhaps, by burning them alive. An instance was the one in which a female one was allegedly recently captured in Sokoto and was burnt alive without taking her to the police station where she would have passed through the normal process of the law.

Regarding the jungle justice that was unleashed on her by the angry Sokoto mobs, it was posited by many that what was done to her was the best thing. Their argument was that if they had taken her to the police, she would have later be set free; and such could have made her unleash more terror after her release. Therefore, henceforth, any Kidnapper that is caught will be slain by being burnt alive to serve as a lesson for others.

At this point, the question is, "is jungle justice the best way to deal with any apprehended Kidnappers?"

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