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I Don't Understand This Administration, They Can Find Ikonso But Struggle To Find Bandits - Reno

With the escalation of threats to lives and properties across all regions of the nation, many are beginning to raise concerns over the issue, while others like Sheikh Gumi, Ibrahim Babaginda have offered solutions to the problem of insecurity in the nation. However, popular social media activist has lamented in a tweet the inefficiency of the government to tackle the issue of insecurity in the nation.

Many parts of the nation, most especially the Northeast and North-central have suffered greatly from banditry, terrorism, and killer herdsmen attacks in the recent months. Many have often wondered why the perpetrators of crime in the nation haven't been brought to book.

Photos of Boko Haram observing Eid-al-Fitr by Sahara Reporters

Barely a few days ago, viral photos of Boko Haram celebrating Eid-al-Fitr in public went viral - in what many termed as a mockery of the Nigerian army. However, we must commend the efforts of these heroes who have staked their lives on several occasions for the safety of Nigerians.Photo: IkonsoPhoto: Islamic Cleric Sheikh Gumi

Many like Ibrahim Babaginda think that the Nigerian army weaponry is less sophisticated to tackle the issue, and as such will require 'modern weapons.'

These concerns have been raised over the abduction of school children, with one of the recent cases being that of Greenfield University in Kaduna state. The military have skillfully exterminated threats like Ikonso in the Eastern regions of the nation, most especially those of Bandits and ESN in States like Anambra and Imo.Photo: Reno Omokri

These successful campaigns in curbing threats in the East is what Reno Omokri, has suggested should be replicated across all regions of the nation.

Popular Islamic cleric Sheikh Gumi has reiterated severally that he knows the hideouts of bandits in the nation and their leaders. He has proven it several times, by negotiating with them. This why many like Reno are wondering why they haven't been properly annihilated from existence.

Many were of the opinion that the military should 'work hand in hand with Sheikh Gumi' since he has proven times without number, that he is more profound in the issue of banditry in the nation.

In a time like this were lives and properties are under threats from hoodlums, any useful solution will suffice greatly, and our govt should not be hesitant in receiving any useful aid from it's citizen.

Many reacted to Reno's tweet, voicing out their concerns over the current state of insecurity in the nation.

@Jude Chikeze wrote, "The political leaders from the east are to blame. They treat their people like trash. Why would Buhari treat them differently?"

@Kingsley said, "They did not find and arrest, rather they went to his place at night and executed him. Use the word killed or executed next time."

@Nonso Eze wrote, "It is terrible and difficult to understand. Gumi can find bandits to negotiate but our security team cannot find them."

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