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Opinion: Why The Arrest Of 16 Years Old Student Should Teach Parents About Child Discipline

The Itokin community high school in Ogun state, on Monday (October 11, 2021), witnessed the death of one of their students, Habeeb Adeosun, a SS-2 student who died after getting into a fight with another student whose name is given as Ayo. Ayo was reported to have hit Adeosun in his chest before the student slumped and died some hours later at the hospital. Ayo and Adeosun were said to be friends before the incident happened.

According to the reports, there are two stories explaining what led to the fight between the deceased and Ayo. In the first story, according to the family of the deceased, Ayo confronted Adeosun for stepping on the toes of his girlfriend, and the confrontation led to a physical fight. In the second story, according to Ayo, the late Adeosun came to where he was seated and started dragging his bag with him, he begged the deceased to let go of his bag but Adeosun refused. Ayo narrated that Adeosun punched him first in the chest and that prompted him to hit him back.

Source: Punch News

While investigation is still going and Ayo in police custody, there are some lessons to learn in this sad incident. These lessons are majorly for parents and their children.

Lesson for parents.

Parents should now maintain a consistent reminder of discipline to their children. Every morning should be a reminder for the children, parent must learn to remind their children lessons on how to apologise and walk away from fights. They should also teach their children on how to settle issues without introducing violence to the issue. Parents should remember that it is what they give their children at home as lessons, these children are going to project to others when they go out.

Lesson for children.

Children must learn to report issues to their available guardian, such as the teachers or any elderly person nearby. Students should know that their teachers are always available for them in school whenever there is a problem. Instead of getting into a fight, It is imperative that students report any issue to their teachers, as this may save them from unnecessary troubles.

Source: Punch News

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