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"Are you shy because your armpit smells?" -Here Are 3 Foods That Can Cause It

1. Red Meat; which we often referred to as cow Meat can also cause stinky armpit. Experiment from a study proves eating red meat might affect your sweat, in the sense that fatty acids in a meat may find their way into sweat coming out from your skin and tends to make it more stinker. But, you should also know that we can't do without eating red meat at all. That's why it is strongly recommended not to take it too much.

2. Alcohol: When you come across this topic you're going to think maybe this writer wants to spoil your fun. No, that's not what I meant; when you take an alcoholic drink, it get metabolised into an acetic acid which would be secreted into your sweat. And instead of your sweat to dry on your skin, and smell based on your body odour. It would stink to an extent that a person sitting beside you would smell it. This was because your normal sweat has been metabolised into an acetic acid generated by the alcohol.

3. Spicy Foods: Foods like garlic and onion can give you what is called 'garlic sweat' due to high concentration of VOGs they contained. The garlic coming out from skin stinks because Allicin, a sulfur compound breakdown quickly after consumption and converts it to other substances, which cause bacteria to mix with your normal sweat and results into strong odour.

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