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Police Officer Shoots And Kills A Young Keke Driver Over 100 Naira Bribe

Wonders shall never end. Wahala no dey finish at all.

Just today at about 6:40am, a young tricycle (Keke) driver was shot dead by a police officer in Rukpokwu community of Port Harcourt, Rivers State. It's really so shocking as the young boy has lost his life.

Around 6:40am today the young boy drove out his Keke to look for passengers so he could earn a living for himself, as he got few passengers he was driving along the road of rukpokwu, were he was stopped by the Nigerian police officer who asked him to pay 100 naira before leaving.

The boy refused and said he only have two passengers with him which they both will pay 100 naira, so he can't give them the 100 naira as he himself hasn't eaten anything this morning.

The police officer forced him to pay the money, while the passengers that boarded the Keke joined him to beg the police that they should leave the boy, and later he would give them the 100 naira. But the police officer refused and they both (police officer and Keke driver) started an argument which led to the dead of the boy. After some argument the police officer shot the boy on his head and they ran away to their station.

The whole youths and tricycle organization of the community are so angry and deeply hurt as they blocked all the roads, burnt tires all over and also paraded to the police station to seek justice for what the police officer has done.

The young boy who has come out so early to look for his daily bread has just lost his life, it's so painful as the parents and families of the boy won't make it easy on the police officer who shot the boy dead.

Few weeks ago the Nigerian youths have cried to the Nigerian government to end sars and police brutality but it's like there is no change in it.

To watch full video of this incident check the profile of the screenshot below;

@jordiithegreat he has the full video on his page.

We pray for peace and love in our country as so many wrong things have been happening lately. May God help Nigeria.

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