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10 Countries With The Highest Number Of Scammers

Fraud has been a global problem in recent years. Trading is one of the most common tips for buying a trillion dollar business as big money gets out of control online. Here are the ten most vulnerable countries.

10. Romania

Over the years, Romania has earned a reputation for being an effective online scam. Cameras can trick innocent people into dating online, stealing sensitive information, and selling counterfeit products using other proven methods that still work even if they don't get A.

9. Philippine

In addition to the usual love scams we use in the Philippines, we also meet someone who comes to you. and says you look familiar, then decides to show you where it was stolen. Another form of trade is horse trade. Negotiate prices with the driver and change shifts when the candidate vehicle arrives and deliver the goods for ten times the original price.

8. South Africa

The JU Center for Cybersecurity in Africa report was approved in 2015. South Africa suffered from bank fraud such as fraudulent fraud, access to bank websites, receipt of non-bank notifications and money laundering.

7. Venezuela

There have been numerous cases of fraud, ranging from online dating to false government promises. At the same time, the value of the green bag was multiplied by seven with 6% VEF. In 2016 alone, consumer prices reached 800%, the economy grew 18.6%, leading to high unemployment, building empty shelves in local stores, and leading to large-scale and other scams.

6. Indonesia

Indonesian scammers know very well the technology that can deceive people without their knowledge. Fraud cases have increased since 2000. Bank customers are harassed by aggrieved members using data-gathering devices illegally installed in ATMs.

5. Pakistan

Military scams are rampant, and many security agencies have warned that easy-to-find scammers take advantage of leaders such as soldiers on online dating sites and social media and then build relationships that are solely aimed at defeating leaders by creating photos for others. to cheat. Disguised as soldiers, they are currently stationed in Pakistan and are looking for a way to send money.

4. Brazil

The Brazilian who has the most scammers in Brazil is one of the scammers. Bad picture. There are also instant withdrawals at exchange banks.

3. China

The Chinese are very good. They incorporate technology into bulk purchases. Student scams are a way to trick parents into getting their kids to go to college. Another way to write to your husband's wife is to cheat "I am my husband's wife" which make your wife to Link to show husband. The woman will immediately went to the link and included the password and photos that intimidated the family because the phone was infected with the Trojan horse virus. Peking Scalper Hospital turns ten. A common problem with earning is getting people to see a doctor in some hospitals. This initially damaged the reputation of the original hospital and created a climate of distrust.

2. India

It is impossible to visit India and not come across at least one scam or someone trying to cheat you. Pretending you don't know how to get to the hotel is a scam that the taxi drivers laugh at. They offer to take you to another hotel it will be expensive. The duty-free import of gems is another scam, especially in the Jaipur area. The scam involves attacking tourists through a gem seller who persuades them to buy worthless gems. They are asked to import them along with the franchise license. Then sell them to one of your fictitious partners in your home country who paid much more money than they originally paid.

1. Nigeria

Nigeria uses the manual to deceive unsuspecting people. I think everyone has seen it somewhere, both emails and Facebook posts, where they will likely tell a long false story about large sums of money in the central bank or large sums they inherited due to their government's difficulties. to access any restrictions or taxes in their country and during this process they will ask for your banking details to transfer you money and in the process they will use your details to steal your money. 

Content created and supplied by: ugrema (via Opera News )

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