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After a guy was seen on the ground beside his girlfriend, See what he did next that got reactions

A picture has emerged showing how a man allegedly proposed to his girlfriend while lying on the floor in an undisclosed location that sparked reactions online.

The pictures sparked reactions after the unknown young man was seen allegedly crying on a dusty ground with his girlfriend in confusion allegedly begging and consoling him.

Crowds were seen around the vicinity allegedly consoling and pleading with the guy to get up from the floor, but it all turned out to be a surprise engagement proposal stunt pulled by the guy who later asked his girlfriend to marry him.

His actions prompted confusion from both his girlfriend and crowds who gathered around to understand the reason why a guy fully dressed in a corporate suit was lying and crying on a dusty floor until every one realized that it was a prank to get his girlfriend to accept his proposal.

These pictures and actions displayed by this unknown young man has sparked reactions online and below are peoples comments–

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