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OPINION: Federal Government Rejection Of Help To Tackle Insecurity From America Is A Sad OPINION: Federal Government Rejection Of Help To Tackle Insecurity From America Is A Sad Response.

Biden's Administrations offer to help Nigeria tackle banditry and incessant kidnappings, which has become a daily norm, has been openly turned down by Nigeria's security adviser. This is not a good response and has gone further to weaken the small strength we have gathered emotionally to survive this terrible times.

Suffice it to say that what is reported daily in the media is small compared to what is on ground. People are so afraid to travel by road and does not even have flight tickets to enable them avoid road travels. Most night buses are been raided on a daily basis and individuals are carted away like goats been led to the slaughter.

Yesterday here as we were traveling from Abuja to Delta, vehicles were been asked to divert and find another route or turn back to wherever we were coming from as fulani herdsmen blocked the road along Auchi axis and kidnapped 53 Persons. We were eventually told by the driver that each of the family that has their person kidnapped was asked to come and pay ransom before any release can be effected.

There was a case the driver told us about, that even the family member that brought the ransom for his wife to be released was also abducted and requested to pay another ransom before him and the wife can be released. What we see in media is small compared to what is happening to families. Everybody is afraid and in grave danger. They no longer care about how you look, as long as you are in a bus or car traveling, you become a target for kidnap.

The situation is really out of hand and Nigeria needs help to fight this horror of insecurity. The question in my mind now is who is protecting these criminals ànd why is Nigeria rejecting help from outside?

The security adviser to Federal Government did not mince words when he categorically emphasised that Nigeria does not need any outsider to help tackle our internal problems, that the Federal Government has equipped the millitary personnel to deal with banditry and that in the shortest possible time, relief will come.

The shortest time is becoming too over burdening for the masses and we all are loosing our senses, coupled with pandemic rage and cost of living. The Morales of all our Millitary personnel is so low and keeps dwindling. The police and Airforce are also not left out.They are hungry and tired, facing hard cost of living with the meagre pay they get. They might not have the physical stamina to fight these heavily equipped bandits and kidnappers.

Help is needed as soon as possible before this nation go into extinction. The fearful thing is that they have taken over the whole nation and all of us are too afraid to confront them by asking them to leave our land.

Nigeria need help from outside to curb insecurity


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