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After He Spent Some Decades In Jail, See What Just Happened To Him

I happened to have a friend who explained to me that witchcraft is everywhere, and it can reach any of the victims anywhere in the world. The story of Joseph Ligon shows how evil forces can waste the life of an entire generation even without killing them. Spending 68 years in jail is one thing nobody ever prays to experience in his lifetime.

In fact, I believe that it should be a prayer point for many of my readers that they should never spend their major years in jail.

Ligon's journey to jail started on the 20th of February, 1953, when he was just 15 years old. As a youngster, he thought life was all rosy, and that he could do whatever he wanted without having to pay the price for it, but reality soon dawned on him after he went clubbing with his friends.

At the club, Ligon and his friends got so drunk that they robbed and stabbed 8 people on the night of that unfortunate night, and two of their victims ended up dying from their badly sustained injuries. Ligon and some of his friends were arrested, and he seemed to be the only one carrying all the burden of their sins, as he was tried and sentenced to life imprisonment, after he pled guilty to the crime.

Ligon however was qualified for payrole (a system where a criminal is released from jail and closely monitored before he or she is returned back to jail), but he rejected the payrole offer, while claiming that it was better for him to stay in jail than getting released for a while and returned to jail afterwards.

Despite having spent most of his life in prison, Ligon's attorney never gave up on him, as he continued to bring the case before the court of law and defending his client. After a few times of losing the case, he finally won in November, 2020, after he brought the case to a Federal high Court.

Ligon was finally let out of prison in 2021, and you cannot imagine how a 15 year old boy convicted of a crime in 1953 now looks like in 2021. The lifetime of a youngster totally wasted in prison. I pray God give him happiness for the few years he has left.

Thank you for reading.

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