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Three Things To Do To Avoid Being Labeled Criminal When Police Officer Stops You On The Road

One thing that often comes to our mind whenever a police officer stops us is the idea of running away from the scene. Very often, those who try to run away end up getting into bigger trouble after they might have been chased and apprehended by the Police Officer in charge.

At other times, some persons who are able to escape from the scene of the arrest end up thanking their God for saving their lives. These persons barely know that evading arrest is a crime and they continue to celebrate their half achieved victory ignorantly.

In this writeup, we will be recommending three things you should do whenever a Police Officer stops you on the road to avoid being labeled a criminal.

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1• Show Your Identity Card.

Whenever a Police Officer stops you on the road, the first thing they often say is "Identify Yourself". This simply means that you should show them your Identity Card. Do not stutter and do not mention your names to the officer. One thing you need to understand is that a Police Officer does not need you to start mentioning your names or the banes of your family members. All they require from you is your personal Identity Information. Show them your authentic National Identity Card or any other authorized card and you would be released.

2• Do Not Run Away.

When a police officer stops you on the road, do not run away from the scene. Running away from the scene automatically makes you a suspect. A police officer has the right to shoot you on the leg or hand the moment you try to run away from the scene.

3• Put Your Hands Where The Officer Can See Them.

The third thing you must do whenever a police officer stops you on the road is to put your hands where the officer can see it. Don't try to play smart by reaching out to attack the police officer.

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