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Road Accident

Read the Reason a Bus Driver gives for littering the Road

There are many places in Nigeria that are very untidy with waste paper, snacks rappers, water sachets, and other kinds of rubbish, from my observation, the problem is that people don't seem to care about the cleanliness of their neighbourhood, most times when people are on the way or in a public area, they just discard their refuse anywhere they choose to because they feel that there are no repercussions and everybody else already does so. The fact is that this isn't right, but if you ask anybody, they must likely have an excuse to give for littering the environment.

Checkout this reason given by a Bus Driver in Nigeria for him littering the environment. A Twitter user going by the name of Alex Oluwatobi posted this "I rebuked a dango driver for throwing sachet water nylon on the road, he rebuffed saying, if people like him stops littering the roads, most of those mama that used to sweep the highways will be rendered unemployed. The few people in the bus said "abi ooo". I was shocked!"

From this you can see that the Bus driver feels that littering the roads is the right thing to do, because then the old women who clean and sweep it up will still have something to do, he feels that people like him who litter the roads are actually doing these women a favour by providing employment for them.

As you can expect, different people had different things to say about the logic in this man's statement, checkout some responses that people had to this. A couple of the comments from Twitter users read "Abnormality is the new normal in Nigeria", and "Nigerians are being lawless on purpose".

What do you think about this bus driver's logic and mindset? I'm sure that you can agree that most Nigerians share that mindset, where do you stand on this? Are you for or against? Thank you for reading.

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