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After Release Of Abducted Students, See What Shehu Sani Asked The Government To Do Immediately

Senator Shehu Sani Gives Advice To Niger State Government And Governor

In order to avoid same incident, same event from repeating itself, Senator Shehu Sani has advised the Government on what to do immediately. This is in no way a political move but an advice to the Government for the sake of the children and their safety.

It is no more news that kidnapping and banditry is gradually becoming a norm for the Northerners and north easterners as more than four cases of student kidnap has been reported in the new year alone. The year is only three months old and such atrocities has been recorded already.

The security agencies of Nigeria say that they are trying their best to stop this thing from becoming a trend, well, to me it has become a trend already and until they change their way of approach, so many criminals, including Kidnappers, bandits and others may be going free.

His advice to the Government of Niger state and the state Govenor in particular came after his Tweet of happiness to hear that the students have been released, no one is talking about how the students were released though, everyone is more interested in the students being safe and healthy which is very good.

But why not talk about how they got released? Another ransom again like the old time or another form of negotiation? Well, here is the advice that Senator Shehu Sani is giving the Government and Governor of Niger state.

He first of all expressed his joy to hear that the students have been released and are healthy, he then stated that all efforts should be made to make sure that other schools in the north are secure, especially now that the kidnapping issue is becoming a norm.

He then went further to demand that the government and governor of Niger state rebuild the school, Government Science College Kagara and rename the school after the students that were released few hours ago.

He said in particular, the school should be renamed after the students who was killed by the bandits the day they came to the school.

"The news of the release of the abducted Students of the GGSS Jangebe is a great relief and a welcome development. All efforts should be made to secure other schools in the north since this has become a repeated tragedy.

Dear @abusbello and @GovNiger, rebuild Government Science College Kagara and rename the school after the young student who was killed by the bandits when they stormed the school."

He wants the state Govenor to make sure the school is well secured, not just the Kagara college but every other school in the north since the kidnap has become a trend and a business for the people who engage in it

It is wonderful to have heard of the release of the abducted students, but what exactly is the Government planning to do because this is becoming too much.

Personally I would not want to calculate how much the Federal Government have spent on alleged ransom for abducted students because it makes my heart bleed. Why would a government be in league with Kidnappers?

Negotiating is not what the Nigerian Governnent should do with terrorists and criminals, persecution and actions are what are required to get ride of them.

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