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How Family Members Who Murdered Their Son And Covered It Up Were Exposed And Lessons To Learn

It would have been almost unbelievable to hear that members of a family would conceive the plot and actually murder one of them.

The evil act was led by the parents who conspired with their own daughter to murder their son named Chukwuebuka. Mr Lambert Osundu, his wife Mrs Rachael Osundu and their daughter committed the evil act. They are from Imo State in the South East part of Nigeria. According to a report by Daily Trust, the family members that committed the act said they killed Chukwuebuka because he was very stubborn.

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How they were exposed

After killing Chukwuebuka, his killers dug a shallow grave behind their compound and buried him there. However, Chukwuebuka's sudden disappearance raised serious suspicious among neighbours in the Umuezealagwu in Ehime Mbano LGA. They started asking questions about his whereabouts out of curiosity. His family members lied that Chukwebuka travelled to Ghana. Did the lie satisfy the curious and suspicious neighbours? Obviously, it did not.

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They could not remember Chuwkuebuka telling any of them including his close friends that he would be travelling to Ghana. So, why would he quietly travel to another country just like that? That was the big issue. His sudden disappearance under this questionable circumstance made them to report the matter to the police. When the police stepped into the matter, the family members confessed and took them to the scene where they buried the deceased. They have been arrested to face the full wrath of the law while those on the run are being tracked.

Major lessons to learn from this sad incident

The first lesson to learn is that times are bad. Anything can happen. If family members can connive and murder their son over flimsy excuse that he was very stubborn, it means that anything can happen. Everybody needs to be very careful and be security conscious.

Also, people need to tell others some useful things that can help to trace them when the need arises. This involves being a little open to those around you. Chukwuebuka who was murdered by his family members seems to be doing this. That was why neighbours suspected foul play, they did not take the lie that he travelled. Since he did not tell them that he would be travelling to Ghana as his family claimed or that he would be travelling to anywhere, his sudden disappearance was a serious security situation that needed to be reported. With that, the police helped to expose the killers of Chukwuebuka.

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Moreover, there is a good need to be vigilant in the community. People need to be vigilant. This was demonstrated by the neighbours. That was why they were able to notice the sudden disappearance of Chukwuebu and helped to expose his killers by reporting the issue to the police. Who would have told the neighbours that his family who lied that he travelled to Ghana were the same people that killed him?

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Finally, people need to learn that no matter how secretive and smart they may be, what is hidden can be exposed. Good will always triumph over evil. Despite how hard Chukwuebuka's family members tried to cover up their evil deed, it was still exposed. Now, they will face the full wrath of the law. Others need to learn that no matter how hard they try to hide their evil, it would be exposed someday and they would pay heavily may be with their own lives.

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