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Reactions As Lady Was Seen Shouting And Rolling On The Floor After Taking Drugs (Video)

A video was posted on Twitter trying to show the world the effects of drug abuse on the youth. The video shows that it is not just the boys that abused drugs, even the ladies now take drugs to feel good.

In the video that was shared online, a young girl was seen rolling on the floor and shouting after taking drugs. Her friends around her were trying their best to hold her down and keep her from getting herself injured.

While she was rolling on the floor and screaming, something was noticed on her tongue. People noticed that her tongue was blue-colored, and normally when one takes the drug called Refnol it would make your tongue to become blue in colour. Click here to watch the video;

This issue of drug abuse amongst the youth is really getting out of hand, it is becoming worse every day and it seems like it has eaten deep into the mind of the youth. The youths see these drugs as a get away from their problems, they see it as a quick access to enjoyment even when there is nothing to enjoy there.

Almost everyday we get to see embarrassing videos of different youths that took drugs, and it affected them badly. It is either they are seen rolling on the floor, or they are seen acting in a strange way.

Sometimes these drugs affect them when their heads are not strong enough for the dose, or when they take excess of it for fun. They forget that drugs are not meant to be taken just for fun, but for when you have a health issue.

A lot of people in the comments section kept on talking about the dangers of drug abuse, and how people still won't learn to stop. Even after the countless videos that we have seen online about how drugs affected people badly, the youth still go ahead to continue taking those drugs.

See some reactions below;

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