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Meet Li Hua The Chinese Man That Was Folded For 28yrs Until He Underwent 4 Phases Of Surgeries

"Life no balance" is a popular saying that is common among us(Nigerians). But in the actual sense, life is hard and holds no balance for anyone.

When I met the story of Li Hua, then, I knew how hard and unbalance life could be.

Li Hua is a Chinese man, who according to report is said to have suffered a folding for 28yrs, earning him the title; "folded man".

According to report, the folded state is said to have been caused by a disease called: "Akylosing Spondylitis", an inflammatory condition that can cause fusion along the spine, which Li Hua was diagnosed with when he was 19.

You could Imagine the pain, agony and difficulties Li Hua passed through all those years he suffered a folded state.

Li Hua was later taken to "Shenzhen University General Hospital", where a team of surgeons planned four consecutive surgeries in other to help him(Li Hua) stand straight and walk again.

1. Femoral osteotomy is the first surgery that was performed on him. The purpose of this surgery was to help in breaking and reconstructing his thigh bones, to expand the space between his face and thigh bone.

2. Cervical Osteotomy is the second surgery that was performed on him. This one aids at reconstructing his cervical spine to enable him lift up his head.

3. Lumbar spine osteotomy is the third surgery. It involved the breaking and reconstruction of his lumbar spine to let him stand straight.

4. Replacement of his hip joints: this fourth and final surgery was performed on Li Hua to help him stand straight.

And to the glory of God, the surgeries were performed successfully and Li Hua came out in good condition.

News Source: Google, YouTube and Shenzhen University General Hospital.

Photo credit: Google Chrome browser.

Content created and supplied by: Henrblakes (via Opera News )

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