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The Newly Arrested Kidnap Kingpin, Goma Samaila, Is Not Worthy Of The "Alhaji" Title

Both shortly before and since the clampdown on bandits in Zamfara and the neighbouring North-West states started about a month ago, a lot of events have happened. For example, it is no longer news that in the build-up to the military onslaughts on the criminal elements, many activities were and are still being suspended. They include the indefinite disconnection of telecommunications in Zamfara, suspension of weekly market activities, banning of the sales of fuel in Jerry cans and other containers, in addition to not selling beyond specific amounts into automobiles, among others. All of these have been geared towards breaking contacts between them and their accomplices, as well as starve them of other basic needs.

And since the federal Joint Task Forces (JTF) started taking the anti-banditry war to the outlaws directly in their hideouts in the forest, the results have been nothing short of outstanding. This is because while hundreds of the bandits have lost their lives in both aerial and ground raids by the troops, some more either surrendered, or have been arrested. Also, a good number of their shelters and strongholds in the forest has been destroyed, with many of their sophisticated weapons confiscated. In addition, the adamant ones have been scampering about in search of escape routes from the military incursions.

Concerning the arrested ones among the inhuman elements, there are some notable ones among them who happen to have been on the government watchlist for some time prior. One of them is a certain "Alhaji" Goma Samaila who was reportedly eventually captured on Friday night in Kaduna State.

According to reports, Samaila was a dreaded bandit who had orchestrated numerous kidnappings in Kaduna, Katsina, Zamfara and some other North-Western states. In addition to abducting humans, he also allegedly specialized in rustling cattle. And the mere mention of his name was said to spark fears in the minds of the residents of the aforementioned part of the country where he is infamous for his unlawful activities.

Upon his arrest less than two days ago, he was interviewed, and the footage of the interview has been trending online ever since then. Meanwhile, two things are noticeable about him. They are the highly respected Islamic religion title, "Alhaji" that is attached to his name, while the second one is the dark spot on his forehead.

The title, Alhaji, is meant for responsible and Allah-fearing and devoted Moslems, not daredevil criminals like Goma Samaila. So, it will be an insult to the Islamic religion for him to still be addressed as Alhaji Goma Samaila. He should simply be stripped of the title because Islam does not support the path he has notoriously been tolling.

Also, the boldly visible dark spot on his forehead is regrettable. And it is unbelievable that while dining with the Devil, he still fervently prayed in the Islamic way to the extent that he now carries the symbolic sign. Yet, he knew that he was anti-Islam. The truth is that any God-fearing person should not associate him with any religion because he is not worthy of it.

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