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Story Of The Man Who Has Not Drank Water For The Past 20yrs

People are different from each other, no doubt about that at all. There's a man who has never drunk water for the past 20 years. This happened immediately after he was released from prison. His name is Kalton, no one, including him could explain how he was able to live despite he doesn't drink water. He eats food and every other edible thing, but he doesn't drink water, and it doesn't affect his system.

He can drink water if he wants to drink water but he decided not to drink water again, and he's been like that for 20 years. When he was interviewed, he made it clear that he can eat food without drinking water, and nothing will happen to him, unlike other people. If I eat without drinking water to step it down, I won't feel comfortable at all, likewise other people.

How he survives, is what no man can explain. He said before he went to prison, he was drinking water every day, even while he was in prison. But after he gained his freedom, he decided never to take water again. This might sound unbelievable, but it's true. He can eat any food, no matter how hard the food is, without taking water, and he will still survive it.

He likes Jamaican music and lifestyle, he is always spotted wearing Jamaican costumes. He also likes their music very well despite he's from Burundi. He's always spotted with guitar playing and singing any Jamaican song. Before he went to prison, he was living like a normal man. He was set up, which landed him in prison. According to him, he said he went to prison for a crime he didn't commit.

He was set up and accused of stealing a car, which landed him in prison. He spent many years in prison before he was finally released. What do you think about Kalton's story? Please like, share, and follow me up.

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