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How To Recover your stolen/hacked whatsapp account

If your whatsapp has been stolen or hacked, check out what you should do to recover it in no time.

Previously I wrote in one of my posts on how your whatsapp can get hacked or stolen. You can read it here

But in this post I'm gonna be showing you how to recover it. First of all you must realise that whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging apps on earth that's why trickers tend to deceive people in order to gain their accounts.

The major trick is to get your six-digit verification code otherwise called OTP, usually sent by whatsapp to the owner of the account before logging in.

Two step verification code

The two step verification can save you a lot especially if someone gets hold of your sim card or verification code. It is a pyramid of extra security that acts like a password for your whatsapp account. Not using this feature can rapidly increase the chances of your whatsapp being hacked or stolen.

However if you've not done this and your account has been hacked you can still recover it.

Recovering your account

For you to recover your account, you must log in again with that same phone number. After logging in, you will be sent the six digit verification pin(OTP). Automatically on the other end the hacker will be logged out. The idea of using your number again is to remind the hacker that you're still the owner of the account courtesy of your sim👍

But if the hacker has already activated the two step verification pin after stealing your account, you will be asked to enter the code. Unfortunately, you might not know the code. This will lead to you waiting 7 days before recovering your account!.

Positively though, the hacker would have been logged out. 😀

Never share your activation code with anybody else.

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