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12 Food Additives You Should Avoid Adding To Your Foods More Often

Most of the food additives we regular use are harmful to our health without our knowledge.

It is important you always read labels of food additives you buy, to know the ones that will be okay and good for your health before usage.

However, below are some harmful food additives you should avoid adding to your foods, as sourced from Healthline.

1. One of the major food additives you should avoid using is the Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), which is mostly used to enhance the flavor of savory dishes.

Most people who have sensitivity to MSG, should avoid it while other who don't have sensitivity to it, should consume in moderation.

2. Artificial Food Coloring is another food additive that should be avoided. This is mostly used to brighten and improve the appearance of everything from candies to condiments, but harmful when always used because it might promote hyperactivity in sensitive children and can cause allergic reactions.

3. Another food additive to avoid is sodium Nitrite which is mostly seen in processed meats, and it can be converted into a harmful compound called nitrosamine, when always consumed.

4. Reduce your regular usage of Guar Gum, as it has negative effects to the health.

5. High-Fructose Corn Syrup is another food additive that should be avoided because it is associated with weight gain, diabetes, and inflammation.

6. Artificial Sweeteners are popular food additive that can cause harm to the body when always consumed.

7. Carrageenan should also be taken in moderate amount or avoided because it has a negative effect on the health.

8. Sodium Benzoate mostly used as a food preservative that is often added to carbonated drinks and acidic foods like salad dressings, pickles, fruit juices and condiments, but also harmful to the health when always used.

9. Trans Fat is a popular type of unsaturated fat that have undergone hydrogenation, and can cause harm when always used.

10. The regular usage of xanthan Gum can also be harmful to the human health.

11. Artificial flavoring are chemicals designed to mimic the taste of other ingredients, and is also harmful to the body when always added to foods.

12. Lastly, the regular usage of yeast extract, should also be limited because it can be dangerous to the health when always used.

Conclusion: Reduce your regular consumption of the above-mentioned food additives, and save yourself from certain health issues.

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