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Checkout the best response you can give to the person that greets you "good morning"

Many people think that saying "good morning", "good afternoon" or "good evening" is just a word but it isn't some one saying good morning to you is just wishing you to have a good and exciting morning. A wish is a wish and not compulsory you will have a good morning. But, many people don't really respond well to the greeting especially the Nigerians. When you wish someone a good day, the person will just say "ehee" or "mmmm". I can tell you that's not a response it does not mean anything and with this response, the person greeting you might be forced to stop greeting you and you can't force him or her to greet you.

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When you wish some one good, you will also expect the person to wish you the same thing. If you wish me good then i wll wish you good, if you wish me bad i will wish you bad that's the rule in this life.

So, with this i believe the best response you can give to anybody that says "good morning" to you is "good morning to you too" or you can just say "good morning" or even "same to you" yes, when someone tells you good morning you have to wish him or her same by telling her any of the three words i listed above and not giving the person a blunt response.

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