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2 Security Advice From Confessions of Women That Worked With Kidnappers

Two suspects, identified as Aisha and Hafsat, have revealed how they worked with kidnappers and went as far as transporting arms for them. Both suspects confessed some of their activities while speaking during a police parade. Their confessions revealed two points vital to the safety and security of every Nigerian.

The Nigerian police arrested a 30-year-old woman, Aisha, and her 24-year-old colleague, Hafsat, for working with kidnappers to attack and abduct innocent Nigerians. Both women revealed how they transported guns for bandits. There are some lessons in their confessions concerning the issue of safety and security.

Suspicion of criminal activities should not be limited to Men alone. Men are usually the target of suspicion for crimes, and criminals know this. They have since found ways to exploit this suspicion by employing females in carrying out their operations. One of the suspects, Aisha, revealed that she went as far as successfully transporting guns from Nasarawa to Kaduna State for the kidnappers. You may recall the recent arrests of women caught transporting petrol to the bandits hiding in the forest. Criminals now employ women for surveillance and information gathering. Aisha's colleague, Hasfat, revealed that she too was given a gun to transport for the kidnappers. Hafsat said she packaged the riffle in a box and delivered it to Suleiman. It seems these criminals now use women to bypass security formations and checkpoints, as women are less likely to be suspected and searched.

Pay more attention to your romantic partner's profession, and closely observe the romantic partners of the people close to you. Both Aisha and her colleague claim they delivered the guns for their romantic partners. For example, Aisha stated that she transported the gun to her boyfriend, Babangida. The suspect, Babangida, was also arrested and paraded, and he was present while Aisha confessed. A person's romantic partner can influence them into committing crimes or criminal activities. Therefore, it is vital to pay attention to the profession of your romantic partner and their activities, as it can ruin your life or put you into trouble. You are not safe if someone close to you keeps a criminal as their romantic partner, you may be their victim someday. Parents should educate their children to keep good company, as bad company corrupts good character. Aisha and Hafsat were affected by bad company in the form of romantic partners. They are in police custody, and their situation serves as cautionary tales on the consequences of keeping the company of criminals.

Content created and supplied by: Adegorioye (via Opera News )

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