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6 cars mostly stolen in Nigeria, number 3 is very popular

Automobiles are an important mode of transportation in Nigeria. Humans tend to get one right away, oblivious to or unconcerned about the risk it can pose, particularly in the case of previously owned vehicles.

Do you know that between 85 and 90 percent of stolen cars from African foreign locations are returned to Nigeria in whole or in part? Does this imply that Nigeria is a lucrative market for stolen automobiles? Some shady businessmen might also be selling stolen cars alongside newly imported vehicles to consumers with limited knowledge.

The following is a list of Nigeria's most targeted and stolen cars.

1. Toyota Corolla S: This car tops the list of most stolen cars, and it's no surprise given that we all know why: it's because of its demand. Thirty-three of these computers are said to have been snatched in six states.

2. Toyota Venza: The car is dazzling, elegant, and has a creamy ride; it is one of the most desirable cars to be stolen and resold because of its high demand.

3. Toyota Camry: In contrast to the Corolla, the Toyota Camry is unfortunately one of the most recent cars to be targeted by thieves. The automobile is a bit more upscale. It does not, however, prevent robbers from getting their hands on it. It is also a well-known fact that the Toyota Camry is one of the most famous vehicles in Nigeria. 

Its beauty and size, combined with the reverence that comes with proudly owning one, as well as the fact that it has a very high resale value, have made it yet another target for auto hijackers.

4. Lexus RX 350: Of all the Lexus vehicles available, the RX is the most desired. The requirements for this computer are so high that it is in a crook's best interest to purchase it. According to the record, 30 Lexus RS mannequins are stolen every six months in Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja alone.

5. Toyota Highlander: Another famous vehicle in Nigeria is the Toyota Highlander. Another target for robbers is the Highlander, and you guessed it, " DEMAND." The Highlander is a great SUV, and it's common in Nigeria, so thieves can, as is customary, target it. It should be jealously guarded.

6. Toyota Prado: The Toyota Prado is the last vehicle on my list. According to a search conducted by Delion, it is clear that the Toyota brand is widely counterfeited. Due to the fact that this is a big SUV, this is an interesting one. The Prado is a vehicle that Nigerians hold in high regard for its off-road capabilities.

We've arrived at the top of the list; if you own any of the vehicles listed above, make sure you keep a close eye on them.

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