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Japanese Man Still In Search Of Missing Wife Lost In 2011 Tsunami

Tsunami is one of the most dangerous natural disasters which is somewhat inescapable.

It is caused by undersea earthquake or landslide which sweeps the sea or the ocean inside cities, causing lots of damages.

In 11th March, 2011, a tsunami hit a town in Japan where 15600 people died, 6157 injured and 2529 missing.

It is recorded as the most powerful earthquake ever to hit japan and also the fourth most deadliest in the world history.

Following is a story of a man whose wife was also a victim of this Tsunami. Unfortunately the wife did not make it.

Yasuo Takamatsu still searches for his wife, Yuko, 10 years after Japan's tsunami.

He got a diving license in 2013 after spending 2 years looking for her remains on land. Since then, the 64- year- old dives every week to search for Yuko, his wife.

"I dive as if I am going to meet her someplace. When searching or doing regular practices, I always think that she may be somewhere nearby" , said Yasuo.

In addition to his dives, Yasuo also joins the local government' s search team once a month.

More than 2500 people are still missing since the Tsunami.

"We have been searching but I have not found anything belonging to my wife yet, we found artifacts and clothes in some of our searches but they do not belong to my wife. Lately there have been news about remains found, so I think it is important to continue searching and not give up." , said Yasuo.

Yasuso's wife was evacuated on roof a bank where she sent a message to Yasuo," are you okay, I want to come home" . Unfortunately a big wave swept her off, she was not among the 15, 000 confirmed dead, so it is presumed she is one of the 2500 who are missing.

Yasuo said he believes his wife still wants to come home and he also hopes to bring her home.

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