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Funny Caption A Man Gave To The Photo Of An Expensive Taxi Car

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Gone are the days when Formatic Benz was the talk of the town. Formatic Benz made ladies stopped dating guys without cars, and started dating guys that owns Formatic Benz.

They believed any body that is able to buy a Formatic Benz is extremely rich. So they started dating yahoo guys with Formatic Benz.

Most guys did rituals all because they wanted to ride Formatic Benz too, and some went into illegal acts like theft, Internet fraud, kidnapping for ransom e.t.c all because they wanted to own a Formatic Benz.

A Nigeria man has reacted to the picture of Formatic Benz been used as a Taxi in another Country.

The young man wrote this caption on the picture

"Thousands of pants lose because of you, young boys did rituals because of you.

But Las Las you be taxi for another man Country".

Maybe the young man was surprised because he's used to a particular car been used as a taxi, not knowing that any car can be used as taxi in some Countries, so far the owner is pleased with it.

This should also serve as a lesson to people, that if a Formatic Benz which was once the king of rides can be used as a taxi then change is constant.

What's your take on the young man's caption?

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