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Lessons Everyone Should Learn From The Death Of Two Sisters Who Went To Bathe In The River

The death of two teenagers; Peculiar and Blessing is the more reason why we should pay more attention to kids around us. Some deaths are very much avoidable, but because of ignorance and doubt of a person's predicament, death then becomes inevitable. This article tells the story of two sisters whose live would have been saved if only the person available in the compound listened to their cries.

Peculiar aged 11 and Blessing aged 9 are sisters. On Saturday April 17, they went to a river to have their bathe. Blessing first entered the river and started drowning and gulping for air. Peculiar who saw she cannot be able to help her sister, ran to call for help but the only person around in their compound that would have helped them thought she was joking and didn't pay any attention to her.

Frustrated Peculiar ran back to the river to rescue her sister Blessing and in the process of that drowned as well. Sources has it that they have since been buried leaving their mother heartbroken.

Peculiar and Blessings life would have been saved if the neighbor in their compound didn't take them to be joking. How can a child tell you that her siblings is drowning and you call it bluff. Let's assume this person had earlier been pranked on, is that enough reason for one to call off something you are not sure of?

I know some people may want to blame the parents, but yesterday was Saturday. And Saturdays are still working days and parents have to go in search of daily breads for their families. It is the duty of the neighbors in the neighborhood to look out for one another. This is just a case of being your brothers keeper which didn't in this case put to work.

In every story, there must be lessons to learn and in this case;

1)it is to be your brothers keeper.

2)It is to know that cries for help are not supposed to be tagged as jokes. We should have the discerning spirit to know when something is a joke or not.

3) Immediate judgement without investigation leads to chaos. It should also teach us that neighborhood matters. When moving to a new place, it is important to ask questions about their relationship with others.

Credit: Linda Ikeji


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