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3 Reasons why Women Commit Paternity Fraud

With the recent revelation by Nedu of Wazobia FM that he is not the biological father of the presumed son with his ex-wife, many Nigerians are wondering why some women will deliberately fool their husbands into thinking that they are the real fathers of their children. The trend of paternity fraud is on the rise, especially in Nigeria, where available reports claim that "at least four out of 10 men in Nigeria are not the biological fathers of their children." In any case, there are three possible circumstances that could force a woman to lie about the true identity of her child's father.

1. Switching of babies during childbirth: This happens by mistake in general hospitals most of the time. However, some cases of baby switching in Nigeria are deliberate. The patriarchal mentality inherent in most African cultures has driven many women to bribe midwives to swap their female children with the male children of other mothers that gave birth in the same maternity ward. In 2019, a dying nurse in Zambia claimed that she had swapped about 5,000 babies at childbirth, during the 12-year-period she was employed at the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka.

2. Breakup s*x: Some women end up not marrying the men they are in love with. This usually happens because the man is not ready financially to settle down, or the man's family is not supportive of their relationship. When these women get married to other men, they are sometimes tempted to go back to their ex-boyfriends for one last memorable intercourse. This is referred to as goodbye or break-up s*x, which is defined as "sexual intercourse with an ex-romantic partner with whom the individual was in a long-term committed relationship." If pregnancy results from the breakup s*x, the woman in question will pass it on to her new husband.

3. Male Infertility: Some women who discover later in marriage that their husbands are impotent or sterile may secretly sleep with another man in order to get pregnant. This is usually seen in some African cultures that blame all cases of infertility on women. There are also mothers who mount pressure on their daughters-in-law to conceive and give them grandchildren. Moreover, cases of male infertility are on the rise, and some women would rather cheat on their husbands to bear children than lose their marriage.


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