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Check Out The 6 Different Types Of Prison In Nigeria

In every country there exists various types of Prisons for different kinds of prisoners. There are different kinds of Prisons you would find in Nigeria and they are all operated by the Nigerian Prison Service. Each type of prison were created for specific group of individuals, some depends on how dangerous a criminal is. Let's take a look at the different kinds of Prison in Nigeria below;

1. The Juvenile Prison

Alot of minors or people under the age of 18 years normally get sentenced to prison for their crimes. These kids are not always placed in the same Prison with other adults, they are normally put in a prison known as the Juvenile Prison or a juvenile correction facility. This is why when you visit prisons you would hardly find teenagers or underaged children in there.

2. The Female only prisons

Just like the name implies this particular prison is meant for the ladies only. When the lady is up to 18 years or above the age of 18 years, she would be sent to a female prison. In this type of prison Men are not allowed to be locked up with them. Most times even the security officers assigned to that prison are females.

3. The Minimum security prisons

This type of Prisons are created for those criminals with lesser crimes, those that committed crimes like fraud and other minor crimes that are not extremely bad.

4. Medium security prison

The medium security prisons are for those criminals that are seen as dangerous to the society. Some of the people locked up in these medium security prisons are armed robbers or kidnappers.

5. The Maximum security prisons

This type of Prison are made for the most dangerous individuals in the country. People that have committed crimes against humanity, murderers and many more. Examples of this kind of Prison are the Kirikiri Maximum Prison and also the Gashua Maximum Prison.

6. The Military prison

This particular Prison was built for any Criminal that had previously served or is currently serving in the Nigerian Army. If they violate human rights or commit millitary crimes, they would be sent to the millitary prison. One of the most popular Millitary Prison in Nigeria is the Giwa Barracks Detention Facility, this can be found in Borno State. This type of prison is not meant for ordinary civilians in the country, it is just for the Millitary men.

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