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"He Was Doing This To Me In The Park And Nobody Came To My Rescue" Girl Cries Bitterly (Video)

Nowadays, the rate at which girls are being abused by evil men is disheartening, most of the girls would tell you a story of how they were harassed by a man. A young chef has cried out bitterly online after she was abused by a tout in a park.

According to her story, she went to give a bag to her mother but was abused by a man in the park. The man asked her where she was going? She didn't answer him, this made the man angry and he began pressing her chest violently. The girl was crying for help but nobody came to her rescue. There were many people on the scene of the incident but none of them were able to help her as the man was harassing her in the park.

She disclosed that the man beat her for not allowing him access to her body, The man was beating her without any form of mercy. The chef also showed the wound that she got from the man's beating.

You can watch the video of the girl crying below the link.

After the sad incident, she took to her social media account to recount the painful ordeal.

See what she posted.

We should put our hands together to stop men that do harass girls on the street. The government should enforce a law that would see the execution of any man caught harassing any girl on the street.

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