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As A Tenant, Staying Away From Discussing These 4 Issues With Neighbors Will Save You From Controversy

It is true that some neighbors are closer than siblings but in a place like Lagos where everyone minds his or her business, avoiding certain discussions will not only save you from controversy but will also guarantee your peace of mind.

One of the things that make tenant easily get fed up of a house he rented in less than two years is the nature of neighbors around. Some neighbors are God-sent while others are simply devil incarnate who parade themselves as co-tenants.

Those who failed to discover these set of neighbors on time end up regretting ever meeting them let alone associating with them. However, either good or bad, the only way you can avoid drifting yourself into controversy is to avoid discussing certain issues with them if you cannot stay on your lane. 

Here are three things you need to do away with, from discussing with a neighbor regardless of your closeness with him or her.

1. The first kind of discussion you should avoid is the one about other people especially other tenants in the same building. Any neighbor who comes to you with other tenant's matter is not better than the person he is dragging before you.

If he could discuss other people with you, be sure that he or she will also discuss you with them in your absence. This is not about gossip but it is about character and nature. The only way you can maintain your peace in such an environment is to stay away from such a neighbor or avoid the discussion with them.

2. As a tenant, you need to stay away from discussion that centers around your landlord. No matter how bad your landlord is, he owns the house you are residing despite renting it for you on contractual agreement. If you didn't take the apartment, someone else would have taken it.

If you are no longer comfortable with your tenancy in the house, you can easily move out. Some tenants are found of disparaging their landlords for no reason. Once they hear something about him or probably heard about how the previous tenants were treated by him, they will build hatred towards the man and begin to find ways of bringing him down in the presence of others.

Remember that you are a tenant and whatever you do to your landlord is what you will get from your future tenants. It is a law of carma and not a curse. Besides, the nature of your tenancy agreement might be different to other tenants. So if you have any issue with your landlord, approach him and sort it out with him rather than listening to a pedestrian gossip about him.

3. Another thing you should not discuss with your neighbor is your family progress. No matter how well you are doing either financially or career wise, keep it to yourself. Let your success announce itself. 

No matter how close you are to your neighbor, he will never want you to leave him or her in that house to your own house. It is a natural law of envy. And discussing the progress you are making will definitely breed envy and jealousy.

4. Finally, never discuss matters of husband and wife with them individually. If your neighbor is having a misunderstanding with his or her partner, stay neutral. If you must mediate, call the two of them together and talk to them. 

If you discuss with them individually, you never can tell what you will say that will be used against you in future after they must have settled their differences.

If you can stay away from these four things, the chance of you having a peace of mind in the neighborhood is relatively high.

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