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[Opinion]The Rise & Fall Of The Nigerian Internet Fraudster:A Case Of Greed Or A Strategy To Survive

Fancy shoes, luxury hotels, beautiful girls, which man on earth doesn't wish to have all these things? Many people wish for these things but only few eventually get them; except of course if you are a "Yahoo Boy".

Photo Credit: EFCC

Internet Fraud has become a very lucrative hustle in Nigeria lately. Every young man wants to live the "large life". Every young man wants to wear designer clothes. But is it a product of mere greed or a strategy to survive? In this article we will see some reasons why most young boys have decided to become internet fraudsters.

The average Nigerian is struggling to survive. The prices of food and other basic amenities are skyrocketing. A perfect example is the price of beans. Beans used to be about N300 for a single tier(a big bowl used for measuring grains) in 2019 but now, a tier costs N1600. This means that common food to eat has become a problem for many Nigerians now.

What then would a young man do? He is full of energy, ready to work, but there is no job vacancy. He wants to start a business but he has no access to capital. He wants to go to school but their is no one to sponsor his education. This young man eventually gives up on his dream and becomes an internet fraudster. His name is "The Nigerian Internet Fraudster"

In few months time, his story has changed. He is able to afford any food he wants. He no longer goes to the market to bargain the price of beans. He now dines in fancy restaurants and spends a fortune on assorted delicacies. He feels accomplished.

Photo Credit: EFCC

No sooner had he hit the jackpot than the EFCC comes knocking at his door. Our hero has been arrested by the anti-graft agency for fraud. He now has to face the law and answer for his crimes. The Nigerian Internet Fraudster is back to where he started. His phones seized, his car keys confiscated and his laptops collected.

Photo Credit: EFCC

This is the story of an average Nigerian Internet Fraudster. He rises up so fast but crashes down faster. His dreams was to be a pilot but hardship turned him into a cheap thief. He wanted to hustle legitimately but hunger made him a criminal. If the narrative must change, the government must do something about youth empowerment and job creation.

Photo Credit: EFCC

His dream was to grow up and be called "the Nigerian doctor" or "the Nigerian pilot" but he eventually became a fraudster.

Photo Credit: EFCC

There is a proverb that says, "You cannot beat a child and tell him not to cry". The number of young men going into internet fraud will increase until something is done about it. The hunger is biting harder, the Nigerian Internet Fraudster must eat.

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