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Open Letter To The SouthEast Governors On The Newly Formed Vigilante Group, EbubeAgu

The southeast has recently experienced a level of insecurity that has never been seen before in the region's history. 

The region has been thrown into a state of insecurity since the Nigerian army launched an attack in Orlu, an LGA in Imo state, with Nigerian police officers and facilities bearing the brunt of attacks from men suspected of being members of the outlawed ESN group.

Approximately 5 police stations in Imo state have been razed in the last two months, with weapons carted away and some officers paying the ultimate price with their lives. 

In order to find long-term solutions to the region's unwelcome carnage, the five governors of the southeast met today in Owerri to discuss how to best combat this heinous crime.

One of the major issues resolved in a 15-point communique issued at the end of the meeting was the need to form a joint southeast security vigilante known as Ebubeagu. 

This is a remarkable achievement, Governors of the Southeast. 

However, this gesture comes too late, as the region has already been plunged into darkness as a result of hoodlum activity.

Even before the ESN, there was a call for the region to form a vigilante group to combat the region's criminal activities.

This was a move to follow through with other regions, such as the southwest, which had formed Amotekun and given it government support as well as the authority to begin proper work. 

This, on the other hand, had never happened before today. 

Because of its business-oriented nature, the southeast region attracts a diverse range of people.

The ESN members should be granted amnesty and absolved into the Ebubeagu vigilante group in order for the newly formed security outfit to succeed in bringing the needed peace to the region. 

If this does not happen, there will almost certainly be clashes between the newly formed group and the ESN, leading to a more serious breakdown of law and order in the region.

Furthermore, the ESN group has always presented its mandate as securing the lives and property of the southeast region, and as a result, state governments must provide proper guidance on how to accomplish this. 

Regardless of affiliation, each of the five governors should speak with whoever is in a position to provide the necessary advice to secure the region.

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