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[OPINION] How to solve the Insecurity Challenges in Nigeria

I have seen several interviews, articles and discussions had on this same topic on how to solve the security challenges we are facing in Nigeria which include; kidnapping, terrorism, herdsmen killing, ethnic bigotry, communal conflicts, and banditry to mention a few. According to my observation, most of these presentations seem to recommend “State policing” more than any other thing but in my own opinion, it is not the most powerful tool we can use right now.

In my own opinion, here are some proffered solutions to problem of insecurity in Nigeria;

1.     Technology advancement

Anybody acquainted with how the developed countries go about securing their environment would know that there is a big space for advanced technology in their security system. CCTV is placed in almost every nook and cranny of their nations; it is there on the roadside, shopping malls, recreational centres etc, body worn cameras by their military men, software to extract metadata, effective satellite and GPS trackers and so on.

When there are effective and efficient technology in place, security threats will drastically reduce and the work load on the military personnel too will reduce. This in turn creates more enabling environment for these men and women to work. Many of these security challenges we face in Nigeria will be eliminated if for example there is machine or tech-tool that identifies threat-inducing words from calls made by people and alerts the relevant authorities.

2.     Making use of the right people to solve the problem.

This is way different from “State policing” that most recommends. There are some set of people that are somewhat not recognized to solve security issues in Nigeria but are very much in use in other countries.

First is the aged persons who act as informants to the security personnel, they are paid and guaranteed of their safety.

The latter is “yielding criminals” who are sent on a mission in exchange for their freedom or for a promised incentive and on the other hand, a threat is issued to the criminal if he fails the mission. For example, when a terrorist is being caught and he shows a sign of soberness, he can be sent out as a bait or informant to catch the others. There is this Yoruba adage that says “it is a thief that can know how to trace the path of a thief”.

3.     State Policing

This is a popular recommendation whereby indigenes of a State are recruited into the Police Force and are made to work in their State of origin. What this does is that it incorporates people that are familiar with the geographical location already. They do not need time to start familiarizing themselves with the environment. This therefore brings about more effectiveness!

4.     Deserving punishment for defaulters caught.

Giving amnesty to terrorists, bandits and others will not discourage any other person with the same anti-social idea but if deserving punishment is giving to one, it sends a kind of warning to others who may want to follow suit.

I believe there will be a positive change if these proffered solutions can be put in place. Thank you!  



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