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How The Government Can Fight The Rising Scourge Of Dumping Of Babies In Riverside Or Refuse

Abandoning of babies in riverside or refuse is a bad omen that needs to be stopped. The rate of abandoned babies is becoming too much in the country. Some people go to an extent of dumping a child who still has the umbilical cord attached to their body.

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To my understanding, the people who are fond of dumping their babies are those who got an unwanted pregnancy or pregnancy at an early age.

Aside these people, those who were abandoned maybe by their boyfriends or husband also feel dumping their infant would reduce the burden on them and lastly, people who became frustrated and depressed to the ongoing economic crisis.

Considering the fact that the dumping of babies is becoming high, the government need to step into the issue and put an end to it.

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Firstly, how do you think the government can fight the rising scourge of dumping of babies in riverside or refuse?

Now, when you look at the ongoing challenges in the country, it's frightens a person who is not financially stable to bring forth a child in the country. The economy is hard with huge population.

The government needs to come to play here by creating a conducive avenue for job opportunities. When there are lots of jobs in the country, people would get busy and the rate of unwanted pregnancy would be reduced. Reason is because, most unwanted pregnancy are done by people who are idle.

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Secondly, the government should create a trust fund for pregnant women and single mothers. This way, certain amount of money would be allocated to pregnant women, nursing mothers, and also single mothers in the country. Let's not forget that the women are one of the most valuable assets we possess in the country.

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Lastly, the government should create a public awareness of the advantages and beauty of becoming a mother irrespective of the age. Also, the government should educate women why the lives of every child matters even at pregnancy.

These few things would go a long way to fight the rising scourge of dumping of babies in the country.

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