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4 Unique Facts About The Forthcoming 2023 General Population And Housing Census

There are going to be four unique things in the Forthcoming 2023 Census that makes it different from the previous 1991 and 2006 census and I shall be discussing them in this article.

1. The forthcoming 2023 census is going to be a housing and population census; A housing census is a total system of obtaining, gathering, calculating, analyzing, and publishing statistical data presenting the number and condition of housing units and facilities as accessible to the households pertaining, at a particular time, to all living quarters and dwellers thereof in a country while a population census is a cumulative process of obtaining, assembling, evaluating, investigating and disseminating demographic, economic, and social data at the smallest geographical level appropriate pertaining, at a particular time, to all persons in a country or a well-delimited part of a country. Unlike previous censuses that only entail enumeration of persons.

2. The use of Computer Assisted personal Interviewing is another unique speculation about the forthcoming 2023 population and housing census as enumerators are going to be collecting data using a Personal Digital Assistant (Tablet) which makes it different from the previous population census.

3. The forthcoming 2023 census is going to be a De facto census as it is only the people seen that are enumerated according to where they stayed or slept on the night preceding the day of the enumerator's visit. People that are not seen will not be enumerated and people seen will be enumerated in their respective households.

4. The National population had promised to provide a reliable and credible result in the forthcoming population and housing census and they will not leave any stone unturned while trying to conduct a credible national population and housing census in 2023. Moreover, the forthcoming 2023 census is going to be a digital census and it will enable the commission to provide the result within a limited period.

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