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Why 3 Children Were Sentenced To Death And Executed

In today's world and laws, children are hardly ever responsible for whatever it is they do. Until a certain age in many countries, one cannot be tried or punished for a crime. But it has not always been like this at all as there are sad stories of how children were sentenced to death in the past. Today I have decided to remind us about some of those children.

Hannah Ocuish.

She is the youngest person executed in the United States and was hanged at the age of 12 on December 20, 1786. She was accused of killing the 6 year old child of a wealthy farmer after she allegedly accused her of stealing strawberries. There was no evidence and until today and her guilt has never been proven.

George Stinney.

In all the places it could have happened, this one happened in the United States of America and you can argue that it is the saddest one of them all. George was arrested in connection with the murder of two white girls Betty June Binnicker, age 11, and Mary Emma Thames, age 7. After a 10 minute trial, George was sentenced to death by an electric chair. At exactly 70PM on 16th June 1944, he was sadly executed. 14 year old George was an African American and the incidence happened at a time when racism was very strong in America. 70 years after his trial(2014), a court decided that George we wrongly executed.

Fortune Ferguson.

He was sentenced to death at the age of 13 for the alleged rape of an 8 year old white girl but appeals ensured that his case dragged on for 3 more years. He finally died in an electric chair.

These 3 are just cases of what I would term mistakes made in the past or a dark history. What do you think about these executions?. Let us know in the comments and share this so that others can read.

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